To Move Things Forward, Practice What You Preach

You’re Grandmother always told you to set a good example and to practice what you preached. She would never steer you wrong and her advice should be heeded by the Everyday Revolutionary! Listen in while we apply some of Grandma’s principles…

The Kindergarten Revolutionary


There’s no age limit for Everyday Revolutionaries. Meet a young lady, a kindergartner, that’s making an impact on the world around her. She used many of the basic steps to accomplish her goals. Just think what great things await her the older she gets!

The Message


It might sound like oversimplification, but the message is what you’re trying to get across. Sometimes the message gets lost in the execution of the plan. Especially in an effort that has opposition, you might have help losing the message! Here’s some advice to help the Everyday Revolutionary stay on message!

Big Lil: The Rest of the Story

Police-hold-back-Mrs-Lillian-Bilocca-on-the-quayside (2)

So, here’s the rest of the story about “Big Lil,” Lillian Billioca and the Headscarf Revolutionaries that brought about sweeping changes to the English fishing industry in regard to the safety of the men out on the ships. The Everyday Revolutionary should be grateful to those that have lead the way and paid the price.

Get Up, Stay Up

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Taking a stand is not something you do for a day. It’s done for as long as necessary until the job is done. The everyday Revolutionary is in it for the long haul. Check out the podcast for more.

Initiative in Action: Movie Night

It all starts with initiative, this business of getting things done…here’s an example of an Everyday Revolutionary who saw a need and took the initiative to fill it. Her suburban town wanted things for families to do together, so the idea for outdoor movie night was born!

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It’s Okay To Be A Second Banana

Everyday Revolutionaries aren’t always (and rarely are) solitary figures. Revolutions, after all, are movements of people for progress and change. Sometimes you can get a lot done for the cause by being second in command.  Check out the podcast and find out more!

Go Ahead


The Everyday Revolutionary – Go Ahead

Davy Crockett, the King of the Wild Frontier, has a few things to teach us about being an Everyday Revolutionary – luckily it does NOT involve wrestling a bear! Listen in while we take in good advice from a frontier legend.Davy_Crockett_blog

Start With The Destination In Mind

Our second podcast discusses the importance of a clear destination or purpose for your Everyday Revolution. Remember, you’re on a mission! Before Sir Edmund Hillary successfully climbed Mt. Everest, he knew where he was going. To the top!