To Move Things Forward, Practice What You Preach

You’re Grandmother always told you to set a good example and to practice what you preached. She would never steer you wrong and her advice should be heeded by the Everyday Revolutionary! Listen in while we apply some of Grandma’s principles…

Everyday Artistry

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh


I think we all understand the myth of the overnight success story. Someone or something may spring to public consciousness quickly but that success has years of effort and sticking to it behind it.

It is the same with change in your community. Real and lasting change for the good does not come about after a quick meeting and a day long event. It comes from thoughtful planning and setting up a few dominoes to fall into the right places. It comes from allowing enough time to let people see your position, to see your viewpoint as the way it ought to go.

It is very much an art.

Many small things go together to make a big thing. Just like in a Van Gogh painting, the skill and finesse you place on the small things have a big impact on outcome. You’ll know you’ve done it right when folks call it an overnight success. You’ll know it wasn’t.



Initiative in Action: Movie Night

It all starts with initiative, this business of getting things done…here’s an example of an Everyday Revolutionary who saw a need and took the initiative to fill it. Her suburban town wanted things for families to do together, so the idea for outdoor movie night was born!

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A Thousand Miles and a Single Step

The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu


This was most quoted to me after my mother had asked me to take out the trash for the third or fourth time back when I was a kid. Although it seems to be applied toward loftier goals than simply getting the trash out to the curb, the logic is sound; a little forward motion is required to get anywhere.

And so it goes with the things you want to accomplish. Dreaming, complaining or wishing does not accomplish the end of the dream, complaint or wish. Only doing brings any of those things to fruition. And doing has a starting point, that famous first step.

That first step into being an Everyday Revolutionary can take you out of your comfort zone, deep into uncharted territory. But that is still a start. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it has to be a start.  I would suggest that it’s most likely not going to be pretty, this out-of-the-comfort-zone, unchartered region, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

What ever change you have set your mind to undertake, begin. Even if you are unsure exactly the steps to take in the process, begin taking those steps. It’s easier to find the path from the front yard than it is the couch in the living room.

Take that first step!wandelen

Start With The Destination In Mind

Our second podcast discusses the importance of a clear destination or purpose for your Everyday Revolution. Remember, you’re on a mission! Before Sir Edmund Hillary successfully climbed Mt. Everest, he knew where he was going. To the top!


Welcome to the Everyday Revolutionary

We here at The Everyday Revolutionary believe that most revolutions are not televised, but are actually small, everyday occurrences fomented by ordinary people with extraordinary grit to see things change and their visions to fruition. We’ve put together a series of podcasts covering a wide array of topics, like how to get started, creating social capital and others that will be of interest to The Everyday Revolutionary. So, thanks for being willing to join in the revolution happening in your neck of the woods and dig in!