Gadugi Means Together

The Cherokee word Gadugi (Gaw-doo-jee) roughly translates to “Together,” but it means so much more. The concept of Gadugi goes back to the Cherokee tradition of the entire town or village gathering together to harvest the fields making sure that all, especially the elderly and infirm were adequately taken care of.  Gadugi can be applied in a time of crisis and uncertainty. Hear how.

Locally Grown

We’ve discussed our Everyday Revolutions in the framework of local or even neighborhood level changes. There are issues, nationwide issues, that are of a concern, as well.  We here at the Everyday Revolutionary would submit that national movements are really a collection of hundreds or thousands of locally grown participants seeking to raise awareness in their part of the world, change the mind of their elected representatives or even change local policies regarding the issue at hand. Being part of a million person march on Washington has its effect, but being one of a million Everyday Revolutionaries across the nation changing their hometown also has a big impact.

Initiative in Action: Movie Night

It all starts with initiative, this business of getting things done…here’s an example of an Everyday Revolutionary who saw a need and took the initiative to fill it. Her suburban town wanted things for families to do together, so the idea for outdoor movie night was born!

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Create Social Capital

Social capital, the ability to use your social network to accomplish your goals, is important to the Everyday Revolutionary. Those around you and their skills, expertise and social networks are a valuable resource. Learning to make the most of your social capital and expand your network can be key to your success! Check out the podcast for more!